• 1937 V dome strasi duch (short)
    1937 Singing Road (short)
    1937 Around the Round
    1938 Come with us
    1938 History of the fig leaf
    1938 Andrej Hlinka about himself
    1939 Four people
    one word
    1941 Praise of the Vine
    1946 Twice rubber
    1947 Prague Castle
    1949 IX. KSC Congress
    1953 Kidnapping
    1955 Music from Mars
    1956 Young Days (documentary)
    1957 There at the end
    1958 Tri práni
    1960 Laterna magika II
    1963 Death si rika Engelchen
    1965 Obzalovany
    1965 Celebration on the bark
    1970 Desire called Anada
    1989 Bison


  • The shop on Main Street
    (Celebration on the bark)

Elmar Klos

Elmar Klos, film director and scriptwriter, born in Brno 1910, died in Prague 1993. He participated i the writing of the scripts of various silnt movies at the age of 16 and collaborated with the writer Vladislav Vancura in the making of the film Pred Maturitou in 1932. He greatly contributed in the establishment of film studios in Zlin, in which he worked afterwards. He was a member of the anti-Nazi underground movement during the occupation and an important executive in Czechoslovak film production after liberation. In 1952, he directed his first feature film Unos, together with Jan Kadar. Their musical comedy with satirical elements. They devoted themselves to "poly-ecran" programme entitled Mladi (Youth, 1960) and staged in the Laterna Magica theathre in Prague. In the 1963-65 period, they made three excellent films: a war drama, a political drama set in present Obzalovany and the anti-fascist film Obchod na korze. This movie won many prizes, including an Oscar. Touha zvana Anada, the story of a fisherman on the Danube, was the last picture they made jointly. After the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Treaty armies, Jan Kadar emigrated to US and Klos, who was a teacher at the Film and TV Faculty (FAMU) was forced to retire. His career as a teacher and film maker was interrupted for full 20 years. His last film was made in cooperation with director Moris Issa under title Bizon and Elmar Klos acted as co-director.