• 1956 El dequeño rio Manzanares (documentary)
    1957 La tarde del domingo (short)
    1958 Cuenca (short documentary)
    1960 Los golfos
    1964 Llanto por un bandido
    1966 La caza
    1967 Peppermint Frappé
    1968 Stress-es-tres-tres
    1969 La madriguera
    1970 El jardin de las delicias
    1973 Ana y los lobos
    1974 La prima Angélica
    1976 Cria cuervos
    1977 Elisa Hayatım
    1978 Los ojos vendados
    1979 Mamá cumple 100 anos
    1981 Deprisa
    1981 Kanlı Düğün
    1982 Dulces horas
    1982 Antonieta
    1983 Carmen
    1984 Los zancos
    1986 Büyülü Aşk
    1988 El dorado
    1989 La noche oscura
    1990 Ay Carmela!
    1992 Sevillanas
    1992 Marathon (documentary)
    1993 iDispara! 1995 Flamenco(de Carlos Saura)
    1996 Taxi
    1997 Pajarico
    1998 Tango
    1999 Goya en Burdeos
    2001 Bunuel ve Hz. Süleyman'ın Masası
    2002 Salome
    2004 El 7° dia
    2005 Iberia
    2007 Fados (documentary)
    2008 Sinfonia de Aragón (documentary)
    2009 Io
    Don Giovanni
    2010 Flamenco


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    (The hunt)

Carlos Saura

Carlos Saura, born on Jan. 4 1932, in Huesca, Spain, the son of an attorney and his pianist wife. A professional still photographer from age 18, he enrolled at Madrid's Instituto de Investigaciones y Experiencias Cinematografistas in 1953. While there, he directed an amateur short, then a graduation short. He stayed at the school as a teacher through 1963. He next directed a medium-length documentary, then turned out his first feature, La Caza (The Hunt, 1966), that Saura first grabbed the world's attention. The strict censorship imposed by the Franco regime caused Saura and other liberal-minded filmmakers of his generation to camouflage controversial themes behind a net of hints, allusions, symbols, and parables. Saura's international reputation grew with every film. He won prizes at significant international festivals. The most Spanish of Spain's directors, Saura has been his country's leading filmmaker for more than two decades. Several of his films of the 70s starred his longtime companion Geraldine Chaplin. He wrote all of his own screenplays, alone or in collaboration.