Arjan Wilschut

Arjan Wilschut began as an animator at Comic House, and worked for Piet Kroon on his short films Dada and Transit. He lived for five years in Cardiff, where he was an animator for the TV series Testament. In London he animated TVC, Uli Meyer Studios and Michael Dudok de Wit, in his Oscar-winning short film Father and Daughter. In 2000 he moved back to the Netherlands where he worked as an animator and designer. He worked on a variety of projects: the title sequence of Minoes, short films, TV pilots and commercials. He also has made his own short film projects with his studio Animation Works: Shadows (2002), Christmas Penguins (2004) and Hard Boiled Chicken (2006), which won seven international film awards. In 2012 he finished his fourth short movie, Farmer Jack. Arjan and il Luster Productions also received grants from the Dutch Film Fund to write a treatment for Arjan’s feature-film plan The Eagle and the King. In addition to his film work, he regularly works as an illustrator / designer.