• 1980 Hazal
    1982 At
    1985 Watchman
    1987 They and the Web
    1991 Naked
    1996 Gravity Loves
    1997 Letter
    1997 Sir (short)
    2000 Balalayka
    2004 Heart's Time
    2009 Crab Game
    2011 Unseen


  • At
    (Horse, The)

Ali Özgentürk

Ali Özgentürk was born in Adana in 1945. The director, who lived in the world of theatre since his high school years, became a professional actor in the Adana Municipal Theatre. Özgentürk who also worked in radio and magazines acted in the TÖS (Union of Turkish Teachers) Theatre which toured all of Turkey in 1966. The next year he attended the Sociology Department of the Istanbul University and graduated after six years. From 1971 on, he focused his attention on cinema. He worked as a camera assistant and scriptwriter, and has made documentaries. His first short was made in 1974. In the same year he wrote his first feature film script Anxiety which was directed by Şerif Gören. In 1975 he shot the semi-documentary Forbidden and got the second award in Moscow. In 1978 he worked as the second director in Zeki Ökten's The Herd. One year later he made his first feature Hazal, which was awarded at several festivals. His second film The Horse reached a similar success. In 1985 he adapted The Watchman from Orhan Kemal, he made Water Also Burns in 1987 and Naked in 1993. Within the context of the "10 Directors, 2 Films" of the Cinema Foundation he made a short film named Secret. He later shot The Letter.