• 1933 A Night on Bald Mountain (shorts) 1935 Sleeping Beauty (shorts) 1935 Parade of hats (shorts) 1938 Huilor (shorts) 1938 The oranges of Jaffa 1938 Balatum 1943 Passing (short) 1944 Popular songs no 5 ( shorts) 1951 Smokes (shorts) 1952 Masks (shorts) 1954 Nocturne (shorts) 1955 The sap of the earth (shorts) 1957 One hundred percent (shorts) 1958 Anonymous (shorts) 1960 Entertainment (shorts) 1963 The nose (shorts) 1966 Water (short) 1972 Pictures at an exhibition (short) 1980 Three themes (short)


  • A Night on Bald Mountain
    (One night on Mont Chauve, one night on Mont Chauve)
    (The nose)

Alexandre Alexeïeff

Alexandre Alexeïeff was born in Kazan, Russia. He spent his early childhood in Istanbul where his father was a military attaché. In 1921 he left Russia for France, where he began his involvement with illustration and animation. In 1930, Alexeieff married Claire Parker, an art student living in Paris. Together they formed a life-long partnership working together on animated films. Their main contribution to the art of animation is the pin screen. They also made many stop motion-animated commercials to sustain themselves financially.