Poland, Sweden, France

Mirka, a 60-year old woman, appears to have a normal life. One morning she starts her day like any other, wakes up early, puts her family’s clothes out to dry and purchases food for her fish and commits a bank robbery with a kitchen knife. She discovers her need for money is surpassed only by her need for love. This unexpected act, breaks her family and life apart and she is forced to look within and discover what she must change to ensure a more fulfilling life.

“Director Anna Jadowska has crafted an exquisite film that manages to be equally devastating, personal, hopeful and entertaining and includes several unforgettable dramatic scenes. Pomykala gives a tour de force performance as Mira, she is in nearly every scene and authentically lives and breathes this character onscreen and captures this character’s inner struggles seamlessly. The side characters Mira encounters on her journey of self, are all truly memorable and celebrate the variety of humans on our planet. Inspired by a true story, this is a complex character portrayal told with outstanding cinematic realism.” Paul Struthers

Best Performance Tribeca Best Actress Gdynia

Anna Jadowska graduated from Łódź Film School and Wajda Masterschool of Directing. His feature Touch Me (Berlinale 2003 Forum) won the Grand Independent Cinema Prize in Poland in 2004. The same year, her short film Corridor was selected to the Cannes International Critics’ Week. In 2005, she won the Best Polish Debut Award for her film Now, Me. Her last feature, Wild Roses (2017) won numerous awards, among which the Impact Award at Stockholm IFF and five Awards at Cottbus IFF.