Silence is Golden: Buster Keaton

As one of the three biggest names in silent film along with Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton may have disappear into oblivion for a period, but he is remembered today among the geniuses of cinema history. The reason for this is that his films have lost none of their currency or significance today.

Keaton’s films are astonishingly topical in terms of plot and narrative language as well hazardous acrobatic stunts. The eminent writer, Samuel Beckett, was among those who realized this, as evidenced by the fact that he cast Keaton as the lead in his only flirtation with cinema, Film (1965).

Buster Keaton’s four most important shorts were shown with live music accompaniment on the 50th anniversary of his death with the support of the US Embassy: One Week (1920), The Goat (1921), The Playhouse (1921) and Cops (1922).