Let's Talk Cinema


The Festival on Wheels has been running the Let’s Talk Cinema meetings since 2006, hosting young filmmakers and film students from a multitude of cities around Turkey. For three years the Let’s Talk Cinema meetings have taken place during the Kars leg of the festival, the fourth edition was relocated to Ankara and Artvin last year. This year we will continue talking about cinema in Ankara. In the past three years, close to 400 young filmmakers have taken part in Let’s Talk Cinema, an event that aims to bring together amateur filmmakers with professionals in a carefully put together programme under the umbrella of the Festival on Wheels. Young participants have had the opportunity to meet proven experts from different areas of the industry, to attend workshops led by them and to learn through sharing; but at the same time the workshops have presented a chance to create and produce themselves. The meetings are also designed to encourage productive relationships between young participants and create the kind of environment that could lead to collaborations on future projects. If the Let’s Talk Cinema meetings aspire to provide a platform where amateurs and professionals come together to exchange ideas and experience, they have flourished over three years into a one-week film school. But Let’s Talk Cinema isn’t just about film classes. By day, participants watch films in the festival programme and meet to discuss them afterwards; but come the evening, it is time to relax and catch the line-up of festival concerts. And this gives the meetings a further participatory dimension.