Let's Talk Cinema I

In the first year, a total of 110 young filmmakers took part in the meeting, coming from places as various as the Diyarbakır Film Club, the Black Sea Technical University Film and Photography Club, Mardin Filmevi, İnönü University Film Society (Malatya), Gaziantep University Film Club, Middle East Technical University Film Society, Selçuk University Anadolu Video Society (Konya), the Anadolu Kültür Batman Arts Centre, the Nicosia Mizansen Film and Arts Association, Cyprus International University, Gazi University Faculty of Communications, Mustafa Kemal University (Hatay), Erciyes University (Kayseri), 100. Yıl University (Van) and Bilkent University.

Seven different workshops were held over the course of the week:

  • A directing workshop with Zeki Demirkubuz
  • A film music workshop with Cahit Berkay
  • An acting class with Tuncel Kurtiz
  • A scriptwriting workshop with Işıl Özgentürk
  • A film music workshop with Replikas
  • A film production class with Leyla Özalp
  • Animation workshop for children I with Petra Dolleman

The Mediawave International Film Festival of Hungary presented a programme of documentary and short films. As well as music and dance contributions to the Festival on Wheels, Mediawave organized an event featuring examples of Anatolian and Hungarian cuisine. The Hungarian crew also found time to make a documentary directed by Jeno Hartyandi and entitled Dear Days Mediawave Tour in East Turkey.

Concert line-up during the meeting:

  • 1. Replikas
  • 2. Cahit Berkay
  • Fanfara Komplexa (Hungary)
  • Bege-Nady Duo (Hungary)
  • 5. Open Stage
  • Video-Music Performances