Don't Tell Orhan Pamuk That His Novel Snow Is in the Film I Made About Kars

Orhan Pamuk'a Söylemeyin Kars'ta Çektiğim Filmde Kar Romanı da Var

orhan pamuk'a soylemeyin (1024 x 429)

One of the most rewarding repercussions of the Festival on Wheels for Turkish cinema has been introducing the northeastern city of Kars to filmmakers. Many directors have later used Kars as a principal location for their films, drawn by the city’s fabulous history, heritage and people. In his film, the actor, Rıza Sönmez, invites the audience on a brief tour of Kars. But in doing so he develops ingenious cinematic solutions, transforming a potentially dull, old-style documentary into an impressive, entertaining and highly watchable piece of work. The story starts off with a visually impaired singer searching for a musician to accompany him in his concert programme that night, but soon becomes a far-reaching journey that extends from Orhan Pamuk’s novel Snow to the natural beauty of Kars, and from its historical buildings to its cultural assets.

Barış Saydam