14th Festival on Wheels

7 November - 16 November 2008

Kars, Artvin

  • 14th Festival Promotion Film
  • Production
    Selda Taşkın (Punctum CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS)

  • Team

  • Sound Design- Music
    Mert Kizilay - Ahmet K. Bilgicler

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14th Festival of European Films on Wheels

The 14th Festival on Wheels was held between the dates 07-16 November in Kars and Artvin. The 3rd Golden Goose Competition was held in Kars.

Desert Within, the Mexican film by Rodrigo Pla, won the Grand Prize. Silver Goose Award as well as the Turkish Film Critics Association Award went to the Turkish film Autumn by Ozcan Alper. The film Snow by Aida Begic won a Special Mention. Skhizein by Jeremy Clapin received the Short Film Audience Award.

Cinema students from different cities of Turkey met in Kars, for the activity ‘Let’s Talk Cinema in Kars III’. Within this activity, direction workshop by Reha Erdem, art direction workshop by Natali Yeres, editing workshop by Çiçek Kahraman, experimental filmmaking workshop by Nurşen Bakır, as well as acting q&a’s and film classes on production and documentary filmmaking was held. Stop Motion Animation Workshop is held by Petra Dolleman with the primary school children. Concerts (Aynur, Selim Sesler, Baba Zula, Replikas, Kırıka, Mazlum Çimen) were held in festival bar Bolero. In cooperation with Nisi Masa, one take films will be produced in Kars. Guests from Turkey and abroad were hosted in Kars. The book ‘From Freedoms to Losses and thereafter’ by Tül Akbal, Necla Algan and Ayla Kanbur which focuses on their cinematographic experience, were published.

Films in this Festival
Films in this Festival
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Petra and Hasan Cemal Sargın Dolleman animation workshop

Dutch animation director Petra Dolleman led her second animation workshop with primary school students in Kars during the Festival on Wheels. Transferring their artwork to camera, the children got to make their very first films. The films created in the workshop went on to be shown at Hiroshima’s International Animation Festival in August 2008. At the same time, Haktan Şakiroğlu walked away with first prize in the 11-12 age category after his workshop film screened in the ‘Big Films from Small Filmmakers’ Competition of the Sixth International Istanbul Children’s Film Festival.