Justice and conscience with Ercan Kesal

Festival goers were treated to three films based around the themes of justice and conscience that were chosen exclusively for the Festival on Wheels by Ercan Kesal. After screenings of A Short Film About Killing, The Salesman and 12 Angry Men, Kesal came to talk to the audience about his selection. The actor-writer began by suggesting that although we may struggle to define justice in absolute terms, we do know what injustice is. On that basis, he argued, justice could be described as the act of being unfailingly just. According to Kesal, our greatest tragedy is that people believe their own truths to be infallible and think that they know everything. The three films in his selection reflected these ideas, he said. When taking questions, he was asked whether his choice of titles was influenced by the steady decline of collective memory and parallel rise in social indifference. Kesal answered: “Our recollections, our past, our memory are guardians of our hearts. We should champion the memories in our hearts because they banish the evil that resides there.”